“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.”
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… No. No, it’s- Uh, it’s not.



Hand it over. Now.

That’s not what I think it is, right—

the silver pan.

Banner’s got a book of stories, and Rhodes thinks she’s an idiot.

"…You can’t be serious,"
"Deadly serious. I am always this serious.”
"That—that is a Goddamn bedtime story book. For kids.” 
"It’s actually a retelling of the myths, Rhodes. Vincent says these stories are the closest to accuracy we have right now. I’m not passing up a chance to do some research.”
Robbie just groans at her, but dares not say anything contradictory. If Vincent says it’s credible…he has no real arguments to make. Shanta notices the quiet surrender, and smirks.
"Shut up."
"Maybe I should just have Vince back up all my other arguments. You’d never say anything against him, huh—”
"I will smack you. Just—read your damn fairytales—er, myths." Retorts Robbie, turning red. Heaven forbid she actually try that—

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"I see. Shanta, you know why he’s doing this, right?"


"I should tell you something, but I’m afraid it will…ruin all the trust you have in me."

"I can only guess what he’s doing.”

"Seems like he’s trying to get someone’s attention. And it also seems like you need to tell me what you know before you assume I’m going to turn tail on you, Mockingbird.”


"I apologize for the intrusion. We escaped Camelot and hid in the woods. Sebastian went to look for us. We got ambushed and barely escaped with our lives. This was the only safe place we - Ian - knew!"


"Seems my court is becoming an inn for the noble outcasts. Tell me, are we soon to expect the king himself? I have been waiting to meet him for some time, now.”

She wouldn’t hurt Sarah, but…treating her less like the other prisoners was no to go either.


I know it’s surprisingly, but I’m not that concerned with getting action while I’m here learning—


{ Oh, so it’s like that. He sees you, Shanta. }

Someone thirsty for a little claw action. 

[The blush on her face now is almost painful to look at.]

—No. She’s pretty, but, no. Don’t change the topic, we were talking about you.




     Cute, huh?

He’s adorable, but, ah—

Woah, did he just wink at me—no, wait. Sorry—one eye. Aw, puppy—


… Use your words, Shan. 



[Mumbles Don’t scare me like that again at her, very fast.]


"Jus’ a few— days—"

It had seemed harmless enough before. It hadn’t hurt this badly before, either. She’d figured it was reasonable to think it’d heal after a day or two. After all, from what she could remember, what happened was that she had started to shout orders at one of the other five agents she’d been paired with, and she’d been cut off when they’d been ambushed, and she’d been held against the wall by her neck. The man had had a particularly strong grip on it, and to say the least, it wasn’t fun.


"I— got grabbed— guy had me by the neck— must’a done something to it—" she tried to explain, shrugging her shoulders a bit, wincing at each pause.

Through that slightly pained speech, Shanta picked up on a number of things. That the vocal chord damage had outlived the “regular healing period”, that SHIELD had somehow managed to fail doing actual check ups, that if Shanta was unaware, then how many other people hadn’t been yet notified about the surgery—her parents? Ian? 

"Winnie, ah, what I’m gonna ask next—you don’t need to answer, but, it’s kinda important that I know, alright?”

"This surgery, can you….afford it?"

“I have no intention to—canoodleboodle with him or whatever he’s trying to get at.”

Winnie Hawkings on the topic of men trying too hard to get in her panties.

What a Trio || Drabble || ?? I am gomen


When Shanta left Hogwarts- It hit most of the group pretty hard. 

And of course, the rumors she left behind took Hogwarts by storm- The Houses had never been so divided, the halls had never been such a battleground. Curses and hexes been thrown mercilessly at any passer by were becoming the norm, and the use of derogatory names was an everyday occurrence. 

And while everyone was pretty badly affected, I’d bet that it hit those three kids the hardest. 

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[Mudblood. Hammer—called her a mudblood. Some kind of halfbreed, to boot.

She can’t stop crying.]


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an epilogue of sorts